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•          Cab floor dimensions: 39"w x 46"d  [39”w x 56.5”d for model H60]
•          750 lb. two-person payload capacity
•          660 lb. counterweight
•          Aluminum shaft and car frame
•          Fireproof multiply frame shear panels
•          Interior Maple or Cherry (natural hardwood finish)
•          Ash or Cherry handrails
•          Automatic car lighting w/ 4 hours emergency lighting
•          Cab telephone
•          5 stops maximum
•          38' shaft height, 30' lift height maximum
•          1.5 hp energy efficient gear motor
•          Chain drive w/ redundancy, 1 chain each corner
•          35 feet/minute travel speed
•          Automatic interior door operator
•          Brass car operation panel
•          24vdc controls w/ computer
•          Emergency lowering and back-up power
•          220vac, 1ph, 20 amp power requirements
•          Cab and shaft door sensors
•          Shaft door electromechanical interlocks
•          Upper/lower and slack chain safety switches

•          Full one-year warranty on parts and service


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